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Yes, you are probably in the right spot...

Updated: May 9

At least, if you are looking for your friendly neighborhood metalsmith. I miss you all! Traveling around and catching up was one of the best parts of my job. Please contact me if you are interested in remaining stock. I might do some occasional shows/markets in the future. Any events will be posted on my Instagram.

Above, left to right: Bronze double koi medallion earrings, Copper geometric fan hoops, Bronze screen obelisk earrings

Everyone else! In the "Before Times" (read, pre-covid), I designed, created, and sold metalwork. My usual canvases were silver, copper, brass, bronze, and some aluminum. I've always been inspired by ancient cultures and tried to include motifs in my work. Techniques like forging and etching allowed me to turn inspiration into modern pieces.

Above, left to right: Sterling silver & kyanite pebble earrings, Copper Mycenaean medallion & jade & spinel earrings, Copper Insular bar & ruby earrings
Above, left to right: Sterling silver Mod starburst hoops, Sterling silver Insular tab & coin pearl earrings, Sterling silver geometric fan hoops
Above, left to right: Copper hoops, Bronze solar medallion & carnelian earrings, 14kt yellow gold-fill Ohm & spinel & freshwater pearl earrings
Above, left to right: Copper bullseye basket hoops, Bronze sterling silver & coin pearl pendant, Brass Greek octopus coin earrings
Above, left to right: Copper scarab hoops, 14kt rose gold-fill Ganesh & enameled fine silver, Sterling silver & rutilated quartz & Ethiopian opal & peridot earrings
Above, left to right: Sterling silver Fleur-de-lis tab earrings, Copper Greek octopus & coin freshwater pearl earrings, Bronze Evil Eye pendant
Aluminum etched ornaments, including various shotgun houses, New Orleans water meter, St. Louis Cathedral, black Madonna, various fleur-de-lis ornaments
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