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The Public Dog Parks of Southeast Louisiana

During my GIS course, we were assigned two mapping projects, each using the same data. One was to be completed in QGIS and the other in ArcGIS Pro. Students had their choice of subject matter. The locations of area dog parks were of personal interest to me (and of course my dogs, Jack, Jasper, and Jake).

The first map was created in ArcGIS Pro, and the second in QGIS, an open-source geospatial information software. Each platform has its pros and cons. Since I have more experience with ArcGIS, it was quicker, but in QGIS, I was easily able to add a paw print to mark the locations of parks. It's a small detail that really adds a lot of charm to the map.


And here are some gratuitous pictures of my three dogs, because they are adorable, and everyone should see them.

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